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The North East Fabricare Association
 Ideas That Work! 
Have an idea?  A helpful Suggestion?  Send them to us and we may publish them in an upcoming Headlines & More: Online or on our website.  This is a new regular feature of both our weekly e-mail update and  The idea was first published in a DLI publication of the same title.


The purpose of the spatula is to gently work stain removal agents over the stain and into the fabric. This action helps break up the stain so it can be flushed from the fabric. However, what you’ll normally see is the technician attempting to “dig” the stain out with the pointed edge of the spatula. This improper use of the spatula is a sure way to cause fabric damage. The proper technique for the spatula is to use the rounded surface and allow it to come in contact with the stains about a half-inch from the point. Very little pressure should be applied.

--Brian Johnson, Director of Training & Technical Services

Stains & Satin: Four Things to Remember
1. When removing a stain from a satin weave fabric, work on the back side to avoid damaging the fabric.
2. If it is necessary to work on the face side due to the nature of the stain or the garment’s construction, use a padded brush when tamping.
3. Do not rub to avoid breaking the floating yarns.
4. Always flush from the back side of the fabric when using the steam air gun.

--Brian Johnson, Director of Training & Technical Services

E-Mail Marketing -- Warn Your Customers!
E-mail marketing works, but don't use it just  to inundate your customers with promotions, offers, and coupons.  Use the time to educate them on fashions and tips.  Use the DLI Heads Up information and warnings.  Show your customers the added value you provide.  IF you don't have time, NEFA has a e-mail marketing program where we do almost all the work!  Call for samples and details.
-- Peter Blake,  NEFA Executive Vice President 

Keeping Stills Going!

To keep your still working as it should, drain out all the residue at least once a week and scrape the sides and bottom clean.  Still residue will build up rapidly and slow down distillation.  Dirty stills also trap solvent in the residue, increasing your waste removal cost and solvent purchases.


-- Brian Johnson, Director of Training and Technical Services, DLI  

Unclaimed Garments Filling Your Racks?
Pricing strategies are always difficult and can be controversial.  We have tried to move more of our customers to pre-pay services.  We offer a very good coupon discount in town, up to 10% off.  The only way to use the coupon is to bring it in at drop off and to pre-pay cash.  We are now considering offering a special discount for all pre-pay cash orders!  Those using the coupons all come in to pick up their garments and it has helped lighten the finished racks!
-- Pierette Ruhland, Red Cap Cleaners, Poughkeepsie, NY 
 Editor's Note:  NEFA would love to hear your views on pre-paid discounts and pre-paid incentives.  Please contact NEFA and we will publish some of the responses.  NEFA already knows at least one member that mandates all orders be paid for in advance!
Pressing Jeans Make you Tense?
After Years of struggling and stretching the legs of laundered Dockers and jeans, I decided to install a tensioning pants topper in the laundry pressing station.  I leave the pants on the topper until they are dry, and finish the legs on the laundry hot head.  The legs lay flat and are easily pressed with very little hassle.  My finisher has been pressing laundered pants for many years and has NEVER been happier since I installed the tensioning legger.  There is also a drycleaning legger in this station for items that require a lighter finish.  This system worked great for military fatigue pants as well.
--Tom Gosselin, Kleen Laundry and Drycleaning 
Insulation Saves Money!
It is amazing how just covering all your steam pipes, wrapping your boiler, and fixing steam leaks can literally save you $1000's!  With energy costs again on the rise, these are just a few easy to do, but time consuming ways you can save.  IF you have trouble, call NEFA and arrange for an energy audit!
--Jim Desjardins, Daisy Cleaners
Net Game Restores Down
Putting 9-12 tennis balls in a net bag helps fluff the down when drying down-filled items.  I also use tennis balls when drying small loads to help the items fall properly and dry quickly!
-- T.W., American Cleaners


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