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The North East Fabricare Association
 Recent Member Questions! 
  • Did NEFA ever have a speaker talking about discounted electric costs or natural gas rates? -- UPDATED INFORMATION!
    Yes! NEFA is lucky to have Intelligent Energy on board to assist NEFA Members in New York and New Jersey. They have been working with many cleaners, and have been able to successfully save members money! Contact Larry S. Pearson, Natural Gas Sales Representative for Intelligent Energy:(877) 443-4427. We have also been working with MetroMedia Energy to supply NEFA members with both discounted electrical and discounted natural gas in New England. Due to the deregulation of energy suppliers, the program is not effective in every case. It never hurts to check it out! Contact MME at (413) 733-2435

  • I know I am not up to date with the Lock-Out/Tag-out Information, do you have anything that would help?
    Yes, we have a sample policy that will help you get started, and we have some of the guidelines that will help you put an effective program in place. A sample of the program is on the "Downloadable Documents" page.

  • In Mass, how long are we responsible for garments left here?
    In Massachusetts, you are responsible for garments for 90 days, after that you can take steps to dispose of them. However, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed, and NEFA has signs designating the rules for all our states.

  • I am switching to Hydrocarbon, do I need to have a sprinkler system installed in the plant?
    It depends on the fire codes that are followed. If the state uses the NFPA then in most cases, no. If they follow the International Fire Code, then yes you may be required to.

  • After cleaning several of the wrinkle-free shirts, I have had trouble with the buttons lining up. Have you heard of this?
    Yes! It is similar to the interfacing problems that have been written about with collars. The interfacing shrinks, not the fabric, so it causes everything to buckle. It is a manufacturer's defect, and DLI is working on a bulletin.


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